Keep(s) your turf green

Since 1976 Vredo Dodewaard has been the specialist in overseeding technology. After having booked great successes in the agricultural, sports and also golf business Vredo now presents an extremely compact machine for the professional gardener: Vredo Turf-Fix. This machine is able to perform three different  essential  operations on  fine turf: aeration, overseeding and sanding. The base unit has a width of 81 centimeters and can be delivered as 3- point mounted model, as well as a towed model for a 2-axel vehicle ( e.g. lawn mower) or a 1- axle vehicle  (e.g. Agria, BCS, Ferrari)

Aeration with Turf-Air

Aeration is necessary to get water, air and light in the rootzone. These are the essential ingredients for an even and dark green turf. The Vredo Turf-Fix with Air Unit creates small holes in the lawn with a depth of approximately 3 centimeters. 260 Holes per m2. This lets the lawn breathe, strongly enhancing grass growth. The Air Unit can be equipped with solid or hollow tines. The unit can be easily exchanged for the Turf-Seed or Turf-Sand.Sanding is necessary in order to fill the holes, created by the Turf-Air, with sand. The breathing effect thus remains for a long period of time and the vertical holes provide optimal drainage in the rootzone. The Turf-Sand can be easily attached to the Turf-Fix's mainframe.

Sanding with Turf-Sand

The Turf-Sand has a capacity of 114 liters. The  dosing system is stepless variable and can be used with the double disc system to bring the sand approximately 2 centimeters into the soil, or without discs to dress the sand on top of the surface.

Overseeding with Turf-Seed

Overseeding is important in keeping a lawn healthy. Young grasses will keep their colour better and will be strong enough to fight off weeds and moss. Every 3,5 centimeters the Turf-Seed makes a small slit into the turf, discarding the seed. The Turf-Fix's tires then close the slit through pressure, enabling a good contact between seed and soil, making the seed germinate and take root fast.

Vredo Turf-Fix; handles the smallest areas!


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Unmatched Capacity

Perfection in a short period of time, that is what it's about when overseeding sports fields and fairways. A strong, green grass cover, that's what every professional club and amateur association wants. With its 3.5 cm inter-row distance and disc diameter of 406 mm, a field is very quickly provided with new grass seed. The creation of strong goal mouths and centre spots are also jobs for a Vredo Sport series.


Its capacity is extremely high; with an operating width of 2.20 m and an operating speed of approx. 18 kph this is a true acreage eater. Thanks to its compact construction, this machine can easily be transported on a trailer and also fits through narrow entrances. The old grass cover is saved; the right quantity of seed is inserted into the turf at the right depth. Bent grass (Agrostis Tenuis) can be inserted at 2-3 mm. Perennial rye grass (Lolium Perenne) is sown at 7-10 mm.


Suitable for every situation

The Vredo Sport is available in two models; as a towed and as a 3-point version. Due to its wide tyres, the towed version has a very low ground pressure and can be used with a relatively light tractor. The wheel system has a unique hydraulic system that follows the ground contours perfectly, even with sharp irregularities. The wheel system is braked for safe road transport. The 3-point version is very short and therefore very manoeuvrable. This machine is very suitable for overseeding all of the corners


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With the high playing volumes it is important that you give your greens and tees new grass seed regularly and very quickly. The course must continue to remain open, so the grass cover must stay in optimal condition after the treatment. You also don't want the sport to be affected by this treatment.

The SUPERcompact fulfils all of these requirements. This machine can dispense fine grass seed such as Agrostis (bent grass) in precise quantities (> 3 g/m2) and at precise depths (3/4 mm) in the turf. The sharp discs, with a diameter of 250 mm, also provide top aeration. The roller ensures a smooth, fast green.


Suitable for every situation

This machine is available in two models; as a towed and as a 3-point version.
Thanks to an innovative hydraulics system, the sowing depth of the towed very can be easily set to 0-20 mm. Even with large undulations the machine maintains the right sowing depth. The 3-point version is also very manoeuvrable.


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The Vredo Agri series has an excellent reputation in the global agricultural sector. The heavy-duty but precisely constructed machines are a must for every contractor who wants to offer a total grassland rejuvenation package. After a heavy winter, after the first silage cut, or in autumn it is necessary to renovate and directly overseed grassland areas to create a new and healthy sward. The wide Vredo Agri Twin series have the highest capacity to overseed all your grassland areas in the right way at the right time.


Double Disc
Overseeding is only useful if the seed is sown directly into the soil. Vredo's widest overseeders are also equipped with the famous Double-Disc System. This system guides all the seed into the narrow slot, which guarantees a quick germination and deep rooting of the injected seed. The pairs of discs have a row distance of 7.5 cm, which guarantees a complete, close and healthy sward. Research in Germany has confirmed that the Vredo Overseeding System generates a germination rate of upto 96%.


Wide Working
The Vredo Agri Twin series has two sections, each with a width of 2.2 or 2.9 meters, this results in an overall working width of 4.4 or 5.8 meters. The sections fold out hydraulically into transport position and lock automatically. In transport position the machine is only 3.0 meters wide and is equipped with a lighting kit for safe road transport.


Continuous Seed Feed
The seed hopper, with a 425 litre capacity, can be filled safely via the standing platform. The pneumatic-mechanical seed distribution is continuously adjustable from 3 to 210 kg/hectare. This enables accurate and quick calibration. For very small (clover) or large (grain, barley) quantities special cam wheels are optional. The Agri Twin series is fitted as standard with a digital hectare counter. A working speed of 13 km/h guarantees that a large number of acres can be overseeded in a day.


Follows Undulations
The machine is able to follow undulating land accurately because not only do the 2 sections pivot but also every pair of discs is spring loaded. A packer ring (Cambridge) roller is also optional: The packer rings are perfect for following undulations on rough, stony surfaces.


If QUALITY, CAPACITY and RESULTS are the most important factors for you, then the Vredo Agri Twin series is the most professional overseeder of its kind. Moreover, the Agri Twin Series can be used for no-till and strip-till arable farming: For example, Catch Crops can be seeded easily between the stubble


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