Pro Cut S3

The high performance ProCutS3 multi-spindled rotary mower is renowned for its incredible versatility. Available in four cutting widths, the ProCutS3 will deliver a cylinder finish in fine turf applications, yet its rigid, durable construction makes it equally well suited to tougher commercial environments such as parks and reserves as well as fruit orchards.


Pegasus S3

The Pegasus Series 3 is Trimax’s largest and most productive mowing machine. This trailed mower comes in two models; the Classic and Elite. Both models feature full width rollers for striping, safety, and versatility and the Classic has optional individual lift for added convenience. The Elite has even more features including full electro-hydraulic controls allowing the operator to fully control ALL individual lift and kerb jump facilities from the tractor seat.


Warlord S2

The Warlord Series 2 range of versatile, linkage-mounted flail mowers excels in a wide range of applications including parks, reserves, roadsides and schools. Fitted with Trimax’s exclusive Gamma™ flails the WarlordS2 not only performs well in quality turf, but can also turn scruffy roadside overgrowth into a tidy lawn in a single pass, all without making any adjustments! It can also shred branches up to 75mm (3”) in diameter into fine mulch, making it an ideal orchard or vineyard machine.


FlailDek FX

The Trimax FlailDekFX is unique in that its configuration can be easily varied to ensure optimum performance across a wide range of operating conditions. The FlailDekFX is one of Trimax’s most versatile mowers. Trimax’s exclusive aerodynamic Gamma™ flails reduce power requirements ensuring outstanding productivity and will handle everything from taming metre-high grass in a single pass to perfectly manicuring baseball diamonds.
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Ezeemow S2

The Ezeemow Series 2 range is designed for use on modern compact tractors and is ideal for everything from striping sports fields to cutting meter-high grass or shredding small branches and orchard prunings. The standard right-hand offset provides maximum safety whilst mowing along roadsides and enables the low profile body to mow easily under trees and low hanging vines.