Magnum 42BR

With its introduction more than 15 years ago, the Magnum 42BR Big Roll Harvester our first harvester model and still our mainstay has earned a reputation for dependability and performance in a variety of conditions, harvesting a variety of turf grasses.



Magnum 42CP

The Magnum 42CP is famous for its versatility. It’s like having three harvesters in one. In just 15 minutes, you can convert the Magnum 42CP machine from big rolls to either slabs or small, pallet-sized rolls. This high performance harvester creates two slabs or rolls at a time and places the pieces at working height, saving back-breaking labor. A canopy shields harvest hands from the sun.


Magnum 420SR

The Magnum 420SR is a semi-automatic big roll harvesting machine. Incorporating all the features of the Magnum 42BR, the 420SR has loads of additional features that help reduce downtime, save lots of labor and speed harvest time. It’s large removable tube rack is easy to reload. A tube injector makes for quick and easy tube addition and with the net injector you can introduce net to the big roll at the start or the end of the roll. A self-starting conveyor eliminates hand wrapping turf around the tube.


Magnum 420SRA

The newest model in the Magnum Harvester line – the 420SRA – is ready to harvest your turf...and new profits. Our award-winning Magnum 420SR big roll harvesting machine has a new sister model, the Magnum 420SRA. It has all the standard features of the popular SR and the one-man controllability and automation features of the Magnum 4200AR. The industry’s first one-man pull behind Big Roll harvester


Magnum 4200AR

The Magnum Harvester 4200AR is the ONE MAN big roll harvester that is bringing the future of sod harvesting to the field today. With one man in a controlled cab tractor environment, you can harvest more sod in less time with less labor than ever before. You’re in complete control with this Magnum machine: increased harvest speeds and decreased downtime between rolls dramatically improve total sod output. Quick turnaround and easy alignment at the end of harvest rows ensures quality harvesting. And a manually controlled back-up system brings added security.