• Destroys Thatch
• Destroys Black Layer
• Improves Drainage
• Destroys Pans and Hard Areas
• Reduces Algae and Surface Slime
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Shockwave Models 100, 155, 2




KORO Recycling Dresse

The development of the KORO Recycling Dresser type RD 1300 brought a new working method, aiming to save costs and improve the quality of the maintenance of greens, tees, bowling greens and other fine top layer constructions. Quality improvement in its turn will optimize playing conditions.


KORO Topdrain

The Koro Topdrain System has been designed to keep fairways in optimal condition, to prevent rejection of competition fields and to enable the use for competition/training at low costs, by means of rapid surface water drainage. Thanks to the rapid surface water drainage, a stable top layer is created with strong grass rooting, and playing damage is reduced. For the sake of a strong, healthy turf, the Topdrain System is bases on maintaining a natural top layer, with a balanced soil life, that retains nutriments and water.


Koro TopMaker 1200,2000 Series

To be used on turf sports fields, golf courts and turf production companies in cold and warm season turf fields. The quality of the sports fields and golf courts is mostly determined by the quality and quantity of the turf, this machine will improve your playing surface like no other machine.


Rotary Spader 25 Series

Imants has broadened its fine line of rotating spadingmachines with the new "BM" series for 2- and 4- wheel tractors up to 15 hp. The so called “BM” spader can be attached to a 2-wheel tractor with a coupler. A counterweight will balance out the machine so it is easy to work with.


Rotary Spader 35 Series

The principal features of the 35 series spading machines are their simplicity and solid construction. The shape of the spades has been modified compared to those in the 32 series. The spade blades are welded onto a curved spade arm. On each spadebank two arms are curved to the left and two are curved to the right. This produces a flat profile and increases spading speed.


Rotary Spader 37 Series

The latest Revolution 37 series is the perfect choice for four cylinder tractor models producing up to 110 hp. The cultivator has a working width of 3 metres and an optimum working depth ranging from 20-28 cm. The ideal operating speed is 4.5 km/h giving the machine a work-rate of 1 hectare/h.