The Multi-tine shaft is great for overseeding into existing lawns and commercial properties with no surface disruption. Aerate localized dry spots for increased water infiltration. Using patented vibrating rotor action to fracture soil for increased seed germination.



The First Products seed box attachment is available on all Universal Aera-vators and can be purchased separately or installed with initial purchase. Our patented seed box allows both small and large seed varieties to be accurately metered with one feed wheel.



The all new patented AERA-slicer is another way of aerification used on all types of turf for slicing and compaction relief with no surface disruption. Blade (working depth) up to 4 1/2 inches. The blades are powered in an elliptical looping motion to help blade penetration and a faster ground speed.


AERA-vator UA40

Our products deliver results and lowers your equipment cost by increasing versatility with interchangable shafts and seeder options. The operator can condition sports fields, overseed and primary seed with one machine.


AERA-vator UA80 Seeder2

Seeding with variable placement, metering accuracy and changeable speed is made easy with our patented Seeder. Single pass seedbed preparation while seeding with AERA-vator and Multi-tine shafts. Ability to overseed and primary seed with the same machine.



The Agri-vator will renovate sod/turf farms. You can also aerate and relieve compaction in pastures and hay fields. Aerate up to 6" deep Crushing action between the rotors breaks up the soil in the root zone, significantly improving infiltration of air, nutrients and water Minimizes lake and stream runoff.
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