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Donkey Lumber

The bread and butter of the Donkey. A single person can load at the yard, transport the material, and deliver to any location at a lumber site, even on rough terrain.


Donkey Sod

The original use: The Donkey was born on a Sod Farm. Quickly and easily load and deliver product with a medium weight straight truck. Never wait for a forklift again.

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The Beekeeper Donkey has all the advantages of a regular Donkey with extra features to make a Beekeepers work easier.

  • A higher lift to reach the highest hives.
  • Extra lights to provide illumination close to the hives
  • All Red Led worklights to keep bees calm.
  • White steering wheel to prevent bees from gathering on the operators hands.
  • Extra high load backrest to stabilize multi-hive stacks.
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Mounting System

Several mounting kits are available to meet your needs. All mounting kits are designed to keep your Donkey safe and secure during transport, no matter which kit you choose, all provide fast and easy loading and unloading - a Donkey can be unloaded and working in under 30 seconds!

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Brick and Block